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Oct 3, 2008

Nintendo Announces New Nintendo DSi for 2009

At Nintendo's Fall Press Conference yesterday, it was finally confirmed that Nintendo has indeed created a new Nintendo DS called the Nintendo DSi. So get ready to fork out another $200 in 2009!

The newest version of the Nintendo DS has two bigger screens, one touch, and each screen will measure 3.25 inches and have 256x192 resolution. It will have either one or two built in cameras, one is definitely on the back but there's apparently one on the inside too - the cameras will be .3 mega pixels. There will be improved audio and there will be also an SD card slot.

The biggest improvement for the Nintendo DSi is the announcement of the DSi Shop which will have DSi ware to download. The software will range from 0 Nintendo points to 800 points.

Until March 2010, purchasers of the Nintendo DSi will have 1000 free Nintendo points to spend at the DSi shop.

The Nintendo DSi will be released in Japan on November 1st for 18,900 Yen and will come in two colours, black and white. It will come to North America sometime in 2009.

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