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Oct 27, 2008

Guy Proposes by Hacking ChronoTrigger

And Square Enix sues. Just kidding.

Phill aka TheRealPfhreak wanting a creative way to propose his girlfriend decided to use his amazing hacking skills to hack a level inside his girlfriend's ROM version of ChronoTrigger.

He changed the level to tell the story of two lovers and their epic affair in order to tell the story of their own lives together. He fixed it that when his girl would finally reach the end of the level there would be a knight who would reveal himself to be none other than Phill, who would then propose to his girlfriend using her name so she knew it wasn't part of the game.

At that point, the real Phil would be down on one knee with the ring waiting for his girlfriend to look over at him.

Of course, she said yes. Not before calling him a totally nerd, but ultimately she said yes.

Congrats to Phill and his new fiancee!

This makes that hacker who proposed using the Bejeweled game look pretty dull now, compared to Phill.

[Via Destructoid C-Blogs]

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