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Aug 29, 2008

This is my Pile of Shame

The guys over at The BBPS.com have been posted their "Piles of Shame" this week, otherwise known as the games they purchased and barely touched or never finished, so I'm posted my pile of shame as well.

Each of us have our reasons for not getting around to playing the games we want to and mine are reviewing and writing about other videogames. Poor me, huh? But honestly, it sucks having to play a game for review purposes when you don't want to especially when about 5 games you DO WANT TO PLAY are sitting about 20 feet from you.

This games are games I purchased and never got past the first few levels or finished. The Twilight Princess one is really killing me because I got stuck on the boss battle in the prison level and just never picked it up again. GUILT FACTOR!

Final Fantasy I&II - too hard and I got the PSP versions to play, but just can't bring myself to sell this copy of the game now.
Blue Dragon - just got distracted after a few levels.
Oblivion - my character is a vampire which really killed the game for me.
Zack & Wiki - I bought, reviewed, and never moved past the ice level. I really need to sit back down with it cause it really is a fabulous game.

This is my pile of shame. There are a few more that I reviewed and but didn't finish, but I don't feel bad about it. 3/4 of a game is better than nothing. These are the ones I feel bad about.

So are there any games in your pile of shame? Tell me about them and continue the posts!

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Progenisis said...

well oblivion who hasn't tried it, you either love it or hate it, and the legend of Zelda if anyone asks you can easily say it was to put hombrew on my wii ....