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May 26, 2008

Pimping out your Handheld Gaming Devices

Unfortunately I got stuck with a Pink Nintendo DS for Christmas a while ago, when my Mom was unable to find me one in another colour, so I decided maybe it was time to pimp my handhelds out with some skins.

Luckily I found Gelaskins, a wicked art company in Toronto, which has the best in skin technology for all your gaming and other electronic devices. Gelaskins are removable, vinyl skins for protecting and customizing your Nintendo DS, PSP, iPods, Laptops, and Macbooks. They feature stunning photo-quality graphics from artists around the world and with a wide range of art types, there is something to fit everyone's tastes.

Gelaskins allow for easy application, clean removal and best of all, no bubbles. Their thin style makes it easy for them to work with all accessories, docks and cases, but still continue to protect your devices against scratches. Gelaskins.com has even started throwing in screen protectors with all iPod, and PSP skin purchases to protect your screens against any scratches.

For devices with wallpaper downloading capabilities, you can download the matching wallpaper for your new skin directly from Gelaskins.com for free.

Want a custom design? Gelaskin will do custom designs as well, so you can sport your own artwork or company logo on a gelaskin.

For the fashion whores out there, who can't live with just one new skin on their device, Gelaskins.com is offering a sweet deal on their iPod, PSP and Nintendo DS skins: Buy 3 skins and get the 4th one free. Pretty sweet, huh?!

Check out the website for all the designs. I have Valley of the Tinbots for my Nintendo DS and Fuel for my PSP

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Johnny Wadd said...

Those actually look pretty slick.