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May 31, 2008

K2: The King, the Kong, and the Ugly

G4TV is showing King of Kong, the documentary about Steve Wiebe, a man who took it upon himself to beat the world record score holder for Donkey Kong, Billy Mitchell, only to have the title ripped from him just before the release of the documentary.

X-Play had an interview with Steve Wiebe on the show this week and for fun, they created a funny trailer for the sequel for the documentary. The sequel, K2: The King, the Kong and the Ugly pokes fun at Billy Mitchell, who I truly believe from watching the documentary is a complete pompous asshole, and it also pokes fun at the Terminator 2 movie.

Steve Wiebe was cool enough to even appear in the trailer. Apparently Steve is appearing in an upcoming Vince Vaughn movie called Four Christmases. He isn't on the list of actors for the movie in IMDB.com, but the same director, Seth Gordon, who did King of Kong, is directing Four Christmases and apparently asked Steve Wiebe to be in this movie.

Good for Steve! He deserves nice things to happen to him.

If you haven't seen the King of Kong movie, then I highly recommend it. Any gamer would enjoy it.

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grasshopper said...

Billy Mitchell is the ideal video game villain, nappy facial hair and everything