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May 29, 2008

Contest: 15 Early Demo Codes for Battlefield: Bad Company

Contest time!

The nice people from DICE and Electronic Arts sent me 15 early Demo codes for Battlefield: Bad Company on Xbox 360 and I'm giving them away to the first 15 people to email me with the answers to the following trivia questions about the game. The game demo isn't actually available on the Xbox Live Marketplace until June 5th, so this is a pretty cool prize for anyone who wants to jump in on the action before anyone else does.

The demo will include an early look into the single player quest for Gold with Bad Company and the all new, multiplayer, Gold Rush mode on the Oasis map, featuring land, sea and air vehicles. Players will be able to reach Level 4 in the demo to unlock an exclusive in-game weapon. Sounds pretty neat, huh?

Answer the following questions:

1. Name the Army Battlalion's nickname in the game.
2. Name all four members of the team.
3. How many new weapons can you unlock in the game?

HINT: Look here

Then send those answer to faithnaked@gmail.com by midnight EST on May 30, 2008. I'll email the winners and post their names on my blog. If any extra codes remain after the due date, I'll just continue to hand them out as winning emails come in and post the winner's list when they're all gone.

But I suggest you hurry and get your emails in, because the codes will probably go fast.

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