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Apr 15, 2008

SCEA Unveils its Shiny New Playstation Store Layout Today: The Bathroom's Two Doors Down on the Left

Sony will be revealing its newly revamped Playstation Network Store today. It will feature twice as many primary shopping categories, making browsing through content quick and simple.

The categories will include New Releases, Downloadable Games, View All By Title, Add-Ons, Demos, Videos, Themes & Wallpapers, and Featured Items.

Other improvements will include a new Preview feature that enables customers to stream trailers and view screenshots of PLAYSTATION® Network games before they buy, and the addition of a shopping bag icon next to purchased items to assist customers in tracking their purchases.

I just recently got a PS3 and found the store a bit hard to navigate, so personally I'm glad to see the Sony has changed the layout of the store to make it easier to find the themes, wallpapers and such. I'll be jumping on later tonight to give it a once over.


Johnny Wadd said...

I personally didn't like the navigation of the old store eiher so i'm glad to see they are revamping it.

What i like about sony's store is that there is much more free content like themes that you would have to pay for on xbox live.

Faith said...

I like the new store layout much better too. Easier to find everything though, the icon took a minute or two to load.

I like the free themes and wallpapers too. Who should have to pay for that? No one pays for free wallpapers and themes on their computers nowadays, so why should PSN charge?

Xbox Marketplace is wrong to charge for themes and gamer pics.

Johnny Wadd said...

Especially when you are already paying for the service to begin with.