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Apr 6, 2008

And the Red Ring Just Keeps on Haunting Me

So last night I decided to dive into some Puzzle Quest on XBLA and I see this weird little message underneath my character status on the main screen: "No level higher in trial version". Of course, I'm confused because I actually own the full version of this game, not the trial version and then suddenly I remember a community blog post I read on Destructoid a while back, where a fellow Dtoider had the same problem when he switched his hard drive onto another Xbox 360.

Of course, I just went through 2 new console due to my red ring of death and now realize I may have a huge problem with my XBLA games. So I systematically went through all my purchased games and found that Puzzle Quest, Catan, Double Dragon and Carcassonne all had reverted to trial version or had been corrupted in the hard drive transfer.

Searching the Xbox Canada forums for a solution to my problem, I found that some gamers have found a way around the trial version glitches by starting the games while logged out of Xbox Live and then logging in when prompted by the game, but this is only a temporary fixed and it gets annoying after a while.

Others have called Xbox support to complain and were offering credits for the games for which they had to download to a silver account. Again a real pain in the neck fix since you lose your saved games and the gamer points. Trying to delete and download the games again doesn't work, by the way, so don't bother trying.

Apparently this glitch happens to some XBLA games and not others, because some games when downloaded become attached to the console serial number, while the rest are attached to the gamer tag. So when you put your hard drive on a new console, you can only play full version XBLA games while signed in to Xbox Live and there are those few games that won't let you play in full mode either way. A poor glitch in deed that Microsoft won't address at all and I am not impressed.

I guess I'll be making a phone call later today to get my game credits to my silver account.

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