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Mar 27, 2008

Penny Arcade - A Preview? It is broken?

I kept trying to load up Penny Arcade today and the server couldn't be found. Finally when I did find it, this ugly looking screen popped up, instead of the normal screen. Is Penny Arcade changing the look of the site or did someone break it? The site has a title of Penny Arcade - A Preview? A preview of what?

A bad geo-cities looking website? What gives? Someone better not have hacked my favorite web comic or head are going to roll!


eclectic vox said...

News site (www.penny-arcade.com) loads fine for me, just a bit slow. The comic however is hanging up

Andy said...

I had the same problem, earlier. The css wasn't loading to format the pages. Now it appears the css is loading, but their links aren't working. If you use the link and get a server error, replace the IP address in the url with "www.penny-arcade.com", and it should load fine.

S said...

The page is loading up in the normal way now, but the image for "A Preview" is still unavailable for me.