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Feb 17, 2008

Sequel confirmed for Professor Layton and I jump for joy

After playing Professor Layton for three days straight, I finally finished the main storyline with 115 out of 120 puzzles solved and the gizmo finished. Of course, there's still lots to finish which I intend to do, but the best part of finishing the game was finding out that there's a sequel already in the works.

When you finish the game, there's bonus features that unlock and in those bonus features is the hidden door that needs a code from the sequel game to open. Sequel game? Nintendo is currently working on bringing the sequel, Professor Layton and the Devil box to North America in December.

This is happy news for Professor Fans who have already experience the joy that it this game and this is also a warning for slackers to get their butts in gear and play the game now, before the sequel reaches our shores.


[Sequel information via Game|Life]

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