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Jan 21, 2008

Review: Burnout Paradise - Available for PS3 and Xbox 360

Welcome to Paradise city where there are no boundaries.

Electronic Arts is spicing up the racing world with a new open world concept for the latest chapter in the Burnout series, Burnout Paradise which is bound to attract even the most casual gamer. Players will have the ability to explore every roadway in the city even before they enter their first race, which will allow new gamers to familiarize themselves with the game first and for hardcore fans to learn every secret shortcut to help them dominate in online racing world.

Over 120 events are available from the get-go to test single players against the computer in speed, skills and timing, but there is also online gaming for players who want to battle it out with up to 8 other players. There is variety of event types to choose from, like check point racing, stunt driving and death racing where players are the target of destruction for all the computer opponents. Each event provides a great challenge for experienced racing fans with some amazing A.I drivers to compete with.

The open world concept follows players into the events which allows for multiple routes that can be taken to the finish line. This allows players to try different routes and skills to win each race instead of just following a mapped out course each and every time.

The famous crash mode, where you cause mass destruction is still here but its called showtime now. Of course, all events will allow players to unlock new vehicles and modifications which will increase their chances of winning in future events.

Players menus make it easy to compare stats, change vehicles and invite friends to hit the streets with you. The activate cityscape really allows for some interesting and realistic game play as the city provides endless activities to explore and secrets to discover.

Players with the Sony Eye Cam or Xbox 360 Vision Cam will be able to take advantage of the mugshot feature which takes moment of impact reactions of you and your fellow players. Imagine the fun you could have that feature.

The Playstation 3 version of the game definitely sports the better graphics of the two systems with better textures and no pixelation, but honestly both versions will you impressed with the life like vehicles and smooth looking landscapes.

This is definitely a game for seasoned Burnout players but even the casual race fan can jump in and play with ease.

Rating 8 out of 10 - Buy this!


Jim Squires said...

I really hate to be Ned Nitpicky, but Crash mode was taken out in Paradise and replaced with Showtime, which is markedly different.

I was really excited about this title, but the demo frustrated the hell out of me so I'm going to have to give it a pass.

Faith said...

oops, you're right it is called showtime. I had to throw this review up quickly yesterday and I guess I wrote the wrong thing.

MC said...

Somehow I think at some point you are going to buy it Jim... you'll hear something or see something or it will be twenty dollars in a bin somewhere and you will buy it...

...said the man who is still back in the last generation of platforms.