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Dec 31, 2007

Xbox Live is down and Gamers aren't happy

With lots of people home for the holidays right now, there couldn't be a worse time for Xbox Live to be down. Gamers in North America have discovered that since Saturday, December 22 that they have been unable to sign in to Xbox Live, recovery their accounts or access match making in game.

Major Nelson's blog has comfirmed that there is a wide spread problem with the servers and that Microsoft have their people working on getting the system back up and running smoothly as we speak.

Gamers are not impressed with the problem and are now asking if Microsoft will be compensating members with at least enough Xbox Live time to cover the days everyone has missed playing online.

I agree that everyone should be getting some free Xbox Live time, especially when the servers have been down for almost 2 weeks now and there are probably a lot of disappointed gamers that got a new Xbox 360 for Christmas and haven't been able to test out their gold membership yet.

Come on Microsoft computer geeks! We're counting on you to bring in the new year with problem free Xbox Live.

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