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Sep 25, 2007

It's 12:35am and I'm sick of Halo 3 already

The Halo franchise is huge and with the release of Halo 3 tonight at midnight, Bungie will be rolling in the dough again. I've seen the ads - wicked. I've seen the swag - very stylish. I've seen the artwork - classic. And now, that the game is available and I could care less about playing it.

Truth is ... I've only ever played Halo for a moment or two in a two player game and I didn't care for it. I've never touched Halo 2 and I won't be buying Halo 3. I'd sell any copy given to me and I'd never think about it again. Master Chief is truly a sexy bitch, but I don't care to play his games.

I'd buy a Master Chief action figure and I'll wear my sexy Halo 3 t-shirt, but I don't want the game. I don't want to hear about it any more either. Gears of War drove me round the bend for 6 months already and I don't want to live with the constant "Do you love Halo 3 or what?" or "Did you pick up Halo 3 yet?"

People bugged me to play Gears of War before and I know they'll bug me to play Halo 3, so here's my stance ahead of time ... DON'T ASK ME TO BUY OR PLAY THE BLOODY HALOS!!!!

Thank you and good night. :)

Don't forget to finish the fight and tell me how it end though. ;)

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Gemma K said...

How can you not love Halo 3, it has all the shiny graphics and clever music you could wish for...

I have to admit halo 2 on splitscreen multiplayer was fun tho (my housemate didn't think so). But it got very boring after a while...