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Aug 8, 2007

Canadians get $100 Xbox 360 price drop: we traded Celine Dion for it

After sending countless packages containing poutine, moose meat, and Tragically Hip CDs, the good people at Microsoft have finally decided to drop the prices on their Xbox 360 consoles in Canada. Sure, they didn't drop them to the same prices as the US market like Sony did with their PS3 consoles, but $100 is nothing to sneeze at.

As of August 8, 2007, the Premium Xbox 360 system will retail at only $399.99 CAN, the Elite system at $499.99, the Core system at $299.99 and for the hardcore Halo fans, the Special Edition Halo system will retail at $449.99.

I'm sure there will be some Canadian gamers that will be pleased with the price drop, but as far as I'm concerned, the console prices should be the same as they are in the US market. The currency rates in Canada and the US are almost at par, and I would rather drive 20 minutes across the border and smuggle it back across to save myself the extra cash. I suggest others do the same if possible, just to send a message to retailers to give us fair pricing in Canada.

Don't make us send Rita MacNeil to your offices.

Big high five to Zero Iscariots for breaking the price drop in Canada story early on!

[Via Xbox Canada]

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