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Jul 15, 2007

Canadians get price drop of $150 on PS3

That's right, kiddies!

Sony has dropped the price of the PS3 in Canada to $549.99 which is $150.00 less than the original price. With the Canadian and American dollars almost at par, Sony decided to drop the price for the PS3 in Canada to the prices of the US PS3.

This was a smart move by Sony and hopefully Nintendo and Microsoft will do the same for their consoles. As it stands now, the Nintendo Wii is still $30 dollars more in Canada and the Xbox 360 Elite is $60 more. If I didn't already own the system, I'd drive 20 minutes across the border to buy them and then smuggle them back just to save the extra $90.

I doubt we'll see a price change since both systems are selling well in Canada which leaves no reason for the companies to drop the price. But maybe the companies will think about matching the Canadian game prices to those of the US market. Please?

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