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May 25, 2007

Happy Towel Day and Star Wars Day!

March 25 is the truly the best day if you're a geek at heart. Today we celebrate the 30th Anniversey of Star Wars otherwise known as Universal Day of the Jedi and today is also Towel Day in celebrate of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Being that I'm a huge geek, I had to show off my kickass towel from HHGG that I won from a 6.10 am radio contest. I have the book, movie and keychain too but can't seem to find the keychain and the movie is a copy, so here's a picture of the book and towel only.

I also have a bunch of Star Wars figures from the 70s which I got for my boyfriend. We have Leia, Chewbecca, Yoda, an Ewok, Stormtrooper, C3PO, Obi Won and Luke. Cool, huh? I especially like the wookie.

So Happy Towel Day and Universal Day of the Jedi! Don't forget to bring your lightsaber and towel out with you today.

[Via Dark Diamond Network]

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