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May 3, 2007

Bruce Campbell vs the Wii

The King of B-Movies talks with Game Daily about being a cult figure, how he can take on the Wii and all things Spiderman.

Bruce on Video Games:
Speaking of nerd -- how much does your multiple video game voice-over gigs -- the latest in the Spider-Man 3 game -- up your geek cred?

Probably a lot, but the real geeks don't need my help as a tutor -- they just get on to playing the game.

You've said that you never play games because you suck at them. Do you? Or is that just an thinly veiled excuse to not waste your time staring at blips on a TV screen?

I was pretty good on the primitive games -- Asteroids, Berserk, etc. but the only "video system" I can use is the Wii.

OK -- the Evil Dead games were, uhh... underwhelming to say the least. Why do you think the unique feel of the movies is so hard to translate?

Because it's impossible -- even if we tried to repeat it in movie form. Gamers should never expect a game to be close to any original movie -- they will be destined for heartache every time.
Check out the interview here.

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