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Apr 5, 2007

Who do you think deserves to be a gaming role model?

Neiro from Destructoid is my gaming hero.

With all the backlash the gaming industry is taking nowadays for games like Bully and GTA, I felt it would be good to do an article about gaming role models, both real and digital.

I'm looking for good people to write about and so far I am sitting with only three people for my list. I'm looking for real people that give back to the community and set a great example for the industry and the world. Also I'm looking for video game character that set a great example for the players.

If you know anyone or any character that fits that description, then please post their name and why you think they are a role model in the comment field below. Make sure to include their real name, company they work for or their character name and game series.

Thanks in advance for the help

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MC said...

When I think of in-game characters who are potential role models, Spectre and Jester from the SOCOM series come to mind for me at least. After playing those games, I have a much deeper respect for the type of work Navy SEALS engage in.