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Jan 3, 2007

The glory days of G4TV remembered

Ask any gamer that watched G4TV before 2005 about the state of the station's programming now and expect him to spit on the ground, set a picture of Kevin Pereira on fire, and then curl up in ball to cry about the good old days.

Basically the station sucks now and like all the other ex-fans of the station, FJR12 misses the great tech shows that once were G4TV. Watch his tribute to the cancelled shows that once held a place near and dear to the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Note that Electric Playground is still part of the G4 lineup, even though FJR12 didn't notice and added it to the montage of cancelled shows. There is still hope, at least until G4 ticks off Tommy and Victor further and they pull Electric Playground from the station like they did Judgement Day.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. G4TV has gone to shit ever since the classics were ripped from it's spine. I enjoyed the early G4, as well as, TechTV and I knew it's merger would be a prelude to darkness. Once the "TechTV" part of the name was dropped, it was all over. I will always miss the old programming.

I'd also like to point out that there may have been external reasons as to it's ratings decline and subsequent reorganization of the company. I remember when I had premium cable and got G4, it was abruptly removed from my service. When I inquired about it, my cable company stated that they moved G4 into the sports package in an attempt to make me pay extra for channels I would never watch, which I did not.

If this happened with all cable companies, then the ratings would have undoubtedly dropped, because who would want to pay more for something they once had.

David said...

I'd just like to take a moment to look back at Leo Laporte on Call For Help back in ZDTV...

...Oh dear, I've just made myself sob uncontrollably. I'll need a few minutes.