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Dec 11, 2006

Damsels, Vixens & Buff Guys: Sexism in Video Games

I admit I like playing with the big tited whores who are in control of their sexuality.


mindg4m3 said...

Oh, wow. I felt bad for poking fun at your "Original Content" article, I even clicked a couple ads out of guilt because everyone needs a few chances in the internet world to work out the kinks, and write a few zombie written posts. So I thought I would give it a chance today, see what you actually thought about games.

But this one tops the charts: "I like playing with the big tited whores." This is way more neutral on the whole girl gamer thing.

Approve this comment or not, this is pretty low on the scale of benefiting girl gamer cause in any form at all. This is disappointing on all accounts.

Faith said...

obviously you can't take a joke. I would like to see the video game industry change how they make video games, but personally I don't have a problem with females in video games and the way they are protrayed.

Video games are about fantasy and truthfully most gamers, guy or girl want to able to play someone or something they can't be in real life for about a hour or so.

If I wanted to play a nerdy or a fat person, I could do that in real life. Its a lot easier to gain weight than to buff up and grow big boobs. Understand me, yet?

I'm not here to further the female gaming community, I'm just here to play video games and talk about how much I love them.

mindg4m3 said...

ha, fair enough. I'll click a few more ads.

Lauren said...

Wow, This is was an awesome video!
I'm glad you posted it.
I can't agree with you more about playing someone from a fantasy land, I like playing as the under-dressed girls haha!
Thanks again for posting the video! :D

Anonymous said...

Honestly I think the video was created by morons. If females wanted to have their own games then female developers should make it for them. However, I doubt they will buy it or be successful.

Most female players don't play the same games that you buy at EB or Gamestop. They play games like bejewel and Pogo.com.

Most female players don't play FPS, frighting, or RTS games. They just don't.

In the end I like my games to have big tits and hot asses. On the other hand I have no problems with female games created for female only. However I won't buy them.