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Nov 28, 2006

The Perfect Fate for a PS3

And you thought the guys at SmashmyPS3.com were nuts.

103.3 The Edge Morning show hosts, Shredd and Ragan recently decided the perfect way to use the last PS3 they had for their PS3-some contest was that instead of giving it away like the other PS3s, they would send the unit over the American Falls in Niagara Falls, New York as a way to protest all the hype and gluttony surrounding the system launch, the ebay sales and even their own PS3-some contest.

Amazingly the unit survived the plummet over the 176 feet tall falls into the rocks below and made its way into the Niagara river. No word on whether they were able to recover the system or not, but I doubt it.

Check out the video of the PS3's journey over the falls.

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