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Oct 5, 2006

Video Game Artwork

This evil looking version of Mario, Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom is the actually vision of artist, Jose Emroca Flores. Featured in the I am 8 bit art show, “The M.K.” is the only piece of video game art from this artist. You can download a higher resolution version of this painting for your computer’s wallpaper from the I am 8 bit website.

Check out more of Flores’ work at his website

UPDATED: The original source of this painting’s creator was wrong and I do apologize for not checking further into the source of the painting.

Another good artist with video game art is Norante, who has portrayed his favorite Bagman character sitting alone in a house on a island, playing his Game Boy Advance as well as having a few pieces that remind me of games like World of Warcraft, and Shadow of the Colossus.

Check out more of Norante’s work here.

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