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Oct 16, 2006

Nintendo Belt Found Out in the Wild!

Last night I found the coolest belt worn by a customer; it had a Nintendo controller for a belt buckle. He said that he had made it himself from instructions he found on the internet.

Wanna sport a NES buckle of your own, then here’s some instructions on how to build one.

Or if you’re like me and turn violently ill at the thought of mutilating a poor defense Nintendo controller, you can always buy one from NESbuckle.com and they mutilate it for you into a buckle.

You can also buy a Super Nintendo buckle, a Sega Genesis buckle, and an Atari buckle (this one is just a penis joke waiting to happen).

Note: Sorry about the bad picture of the belt I saw, but I took it with my camera phone and it was very dark in the bar.

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