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Oct 19, 2006

The King of All Cosmos - A Child Abuser?

Anyone else think that the King of All Cosmos was a little abusive towards his son, The Prince in Katamari Damacy?

Well Evil Andy did, and so he’s sending the King off to court in his fan fiction news article called “Katamari Child Abuse”. Here’s a piece of what he wrote:

MUSHROOM PLANET [Ratters] - The King of All Cosmos was arraigned today in the Mushroom High Court on several counts of child abuse, as well as violations of child labor laws. The plaintiffs in this case are led by The King’s own son–who wishes to be identified only as “The Prince”–and include numerous nieces and nephews of the accused King.

According to the charges brought against the Omnipotent King, The Prince and many of his cousins have been forced to work long hours rolling curious round objects known as “Katamaris” in order to gather raw materials for the production of stars, a job which–according to experts–is best left to skilled workers of a considerably more advanced age. Though the ages of The Prince and his cousins have not been determined, it is widely believed that all are well below legal working age.

To read more of this tale of video game child abuse, go to Evil Andy’s Picayune.

1 comment:

Joy said...

You know, I did think the King of All Cosmos was mean. Abusive? Well, uh. I mean, if he wanted to, he could smush the Prince, right?