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Oct 28, 2006

Guess who got an Xbox 360?!

Finally after a year of waiting for the glitches to sort themselves out and for a better deal to come along, I got an Xbox 360 of my very own. I get a great weekend at work, so my guy and I decided it was time to buy one as an early Christmas present to ourshelves.

I did some research and found that Best Buy in Canada was giving away a free copy of Call of Duty with each Xbox 360 consoles purchase, which sounded like the best deal. We picked up the $499.99 premium bundle which came with console, wireless controller, Project Gothem Racing, 3 months of Xbox live gold and 1250 markets points.

The next day we took our Xbox, Xbox games, PGR and our 2nd PS2 to EB games and traded them in for Dead Rising, NHL 2K7 and 1 year of Xbox Live Gold. (The three month in the package was a mail in offer and I can't wait that long.)

My gamer tag is Faith Taken, but due to stupid Xbox Live rules, I have to play online games under my guy's tag.

If you wanna chat sometime or play an online game, email me and let me know your gamer tag. I will not be taking friend requests unless I know you from previous emails or conversations.

Ciao and Happy Gaming!


Walter said...

That sounds great Faith, I saw that video you did with Robert, so funny. Dtoid loads oddly for me sometimes so I didn't get a chance to comment, but I liked it.

E.J. said...

Believe it or not, EA's NHL 07 is a better offering than 2k this year.

Ya, the world's gone mad.

Anonymous said...

Trina (GamingAngels.com)
Congrats on getting a 360! My gamer tag is GamingAngel. I'd love to play some time!

Drastic said...

Why do you have to play as your SO? I assume you have a Silver account or something and he has the Gold? (My SO has her own Gold account gets her own achievements.) Also, you may be able to add your 3 month offer onto your existing account - I was able to do this when I went to a 360. Drastic (on XBox Live)