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Sep 21, 2006

Ladies, Wanna Play With My Wii?

Nintendo has gone on record saying that they hope that with a small price tag of $249.99 and several easy to play games like Wii Sports that more women of all ages will be interested in buying the Nintendo Wii.

They plan to market the console to women, the elderly and generally those who don't want a console in their living room. They hope with the success of introducing the Nintendo DS to a market of casual gamers and non gamer with games like Brain Age and Nintendogs, that the Wii will have the same appeal with its easy to use remote.

Honestly I think Nintendo has always appeal to women because of its tendence to have cutsie or simulation games which women tend to prefer over first person shooters. I'm not saying we don't play all types of games, but I will admit I bought my gamecube originally to play Zelda titles, Pikmin, Mario titles, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, etc. I did pick up the Resident Evil series, but it wasn't an original thought.

As for non-gamers and the elderly, I don't see them picking up this system, because handhelds are usually purchased for easy use, up close play, and casual playing purposes and most people don't think of those things when they think consoles. Maybe I'll be proven wrong, but I think Nintendo will find their profit in women gamers, retro gamers wanting the virtual console games, and previous Nintendo fans that decide Wii is cool enough to return to their roots.

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Emma B said...

I have a Wii - it's so pretty.

Sometimes I drown my Pikmin for fun... I'm a bad bad chick gamer...