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Sep 4, 2006

A Grey Day

While the world is mourning the lose of Steve Irwin, the famous
Crocidile hunter, I have to deal with my own loss today.

Early morning sometime before 5:00am, my father, Bradley Winterburn
passed away after a year and half battle with cancer. Even with all
the kemo and radiation treatments, the doctors managed to only length
his time here on earth with us, and though our family mourns his lose,
we know that he is finally at peace and in a place that he will no
longer suffer.

In the end, my father was no longer the person I knew him to be and it
was good that god took him quickly. Though we never wish death upon
anyone sometimes it a better fate then a life of suffering.

My Dad was a very loved man as I saw by all the people that came to
visit with him in the last days. Both his family, friends and
co-workers will all mourn the loss of my father, but will also I'm
sure be glad to have known him.

At this time, I am not sure of the funeral date, but it will probably
be in the next day or two. I will not be able to post anything on my
blogs in the next few days and I hope that you will understand.

My Dad was a good man and I know he will be missed.



Nahu said...

Im glad his passing was peaceful and I wish you and your family the best through this event.
Its a sad day indeed, when a good man leaves us, but it becomes beautiful when we celebrate his life over our loss. Be well Tina!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear you've lost your dad. I hope it isn't long before you remember him only with happiness.

Chilly Hollow

:P fuzzbox said...

Take care. Far to many good people have lost to this dreaded disease.

Will said...

My condolences, for what they're worth.