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Aug 21, 2006

Sony turns cheap and pink

Posted by JonathanEx on the August 21st, 2006

Well, there’s been 3 bits of PS2/PSP news this morning, so let’s break it down and get into those:

1. Pink PS2
Sony will be releasing a Pink PS2 aimed at females and maybe more sensitive men (hey, can’t a man love his pink Gameboy Micro without being seen as gay?) on 8th November this year. However, more than being a rather cheap looking colour change, this actually seems like a good bundle for anyone looking to play the PS2’s back catalouge now it is going cheap. It contains two Dual Shock controllers, and 8mb memory card and in the UK only, Singstar Pop.
This bundle hits Europe only, at €159.99 - and £129.99 in the UK with the game included. Rival to another games console that may be launching cheap?

2. P!nk PSP
Another pink one! Sorry, P!nk one. The colour of the PSP is pink, and it includes an exclusive UMD with stuff from the Sony BMG artist P!nk. It’s a value pack so it has the accessories (in white), and it will come out 27th October, 2006 for £169.99
Within the PR spin about this not being about marketing (yeah right), there’s more stuff about how the pink colour shows that the PSP is also for women… and you wonder why many girls aren’t getting into gaming? Yes, it’s because the system isn’t in pink and it doesn’t contain a free disc containing stuff of a singer we don’t hear much of anymore.

3. PS2 Pricedrop!
Finally, some news I can’t say anything bad about in any way.
In a press release marked for Wednesday, the PS2 (presumably slimline, they don’t sell the large one anymore… do they?) will be getting a price drop with “immediate effect” (ignoring the fact we are posting this two days early). It will be dropping to £94.99 in the UK, and €129.99 in the rest of Europe. The 8mb memory card will also get a price drop, to €19.99… no idea with the Europe price on that.

With the success of Singstar and Buzz showing the PS2 as great as a ‘party console’, a price cut and these pink colours aren’t too much of a shock, unless you were expecting “major announcements” like Spong claimed would be coming.

SOURCE: www.britishgaming.co.uk

If I were british and didn't own a PS2, and didn't have a guy living with me, I would buy a pink PS2. I already want a pink Nintendo DS, just to keep my hubby from playing with it! :)

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