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Aug 24, 2006

So Many Men, So Little Time....

Lately I've posting my Hot Video Game Industry Guys each week and with the help of the boys over at Gaygamer.net, my industry hotties are taking their shirts off just for me.

Jason Hall's pictures had him posing in sexy muscle man look and when I posted Robert as my next sexy gamer, he opted to take his shirt off to show off his kung fu toned body. Nice, huh?

Well, then Mr. Destructoid who was my first hottie of the week decided to jump into the arena and show off his body in a Jason Hall type of pose. Nice huh? Best of all, he posted the pictures on Destructoid.com for all his readers to see. Now that's an amazing man.

Soon the Dtiod readers are going to accuse me of turning the dtoid editor into a Calvin Klein model. I love it though.

Again I ask all my readers to help me find more industry hotties to post each week. Send me a bio and a some hot pictures and I'll post them. Send them to faithnaked@yahoo.ca

Thanks in advance.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone is trying to hide their midsection in th shadows!!