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Aug 16, 2006

Looking for the Best Video Game Sidekicks

Every game has a hero that we all look to save us from ultimate evil, but every game also has a sidekick that keeps that hero on the straight and narrow, and without him/her, the hero might not go on at the toughest points.

Frodo had Sam, Batman had Robin, and the Lone Ranger had Tonto. Sidekicks are more important then most think, so that's why I want to give the sidekicks of the video game world they're dues. I'm looking for your favorites: the best of the best sidekicks.

Send your entries to faithnaked@yahoo.ca


Post them in the comment field below.

The nomination process will go on for 2 weeks this time to allow for everyone to get in their nominations. Please spread the word about the web poll. Post about it on your blog, your forums and email all your friends.



TrueTallus said...

Double H from Beyond Good and Evil! Charmingly straightlaced, and a reliable backup in combat. Always positive to boot.

Teksuo Hikari said...

Navi from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time; always with you, always useful, and probably damn sexy under the fairy glow. ...Yes, I know. I have issues.

Steve said...

You have to put Otacon from the Metal Gear Solid Series. Sure you never saw much action from him. But he does help out Snake.

Sean said...

How about Agro from, one of the most underrated games ever, Shadow of the Colossus? The horse lays it all on the line for the hero at the end of the game. Doesn't get much more loyal and dedicated than that.

Not to mention you would be lost in that game without a ride :]

MC said...

Cesar in GTA:SA is a pretty good sidekick... if I had to depend on one person to have my back in that crazy town, that's the dude I'd want.

Ottsel said...

There doesn't even need to be a competition.


Mr. Choo said...

Glotis from Grim Fandango!
An irreverant attitude with perfect comedic timing.

Anonymous said...

Morte from Planescape. Fighter. Lover. Joker. Disembodied, profanity-spewing skull fodder. What more could you want?