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Jul 18, 2006

In Need of Support

I know all already stated this a couple times before, but I need to know your reading my new sites.

A month ago I got picked up as an editor/writer for a site called SugarJoy.com. SugarJoy is a news site that covers the topic of sex in video games. I post anything from online games, to upcoming games, to videos and more.

Check out Sugarjoy.com and leave me a comment on the posts you like. Or even send me an email if you find something I can post about on there. Send stuff to faithnaked@yahoo.ca

I'm also an editor now on Destructoid.com, which is a hardcore gamer news site. You'll find everything to do with video games and more. Please check out the site and feel free to comment on the stories. They'll have an interview with me on the site probably by Monday.

I have two articles already on there:

Sex or Video Games?
List of Gaming Truths

Finally I helping the guys over at www.redassedbaboon.com relaunch the site within the next two months. I'm already writing a column over there called A Girl Next Door. Check out it out and leave a message in the shoutbox. Just ignore the spambots that live there, cause well hell we do.

Please head over to the sites and leave me some comments.

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Walter said...

Hi Faith,

I'm new to blogging, but it's getting easier for me to share my opinions on my blog and also comment on other blogs like yours. When I saw your picture on myspace I liked it and added you to my favs, but when I took a closer look at your profile I wanted to add you as a friend, and I'm glad I did.