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Jun 24, 2006

Nintendo Onboard with Penny Arcade Expo

The third annual Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) takes place this August, and Nintendo is making an appearance. The Bellevue, WA gaming culture event takes place in three separate hotels and boasts ample space for attendees to take part in LAN, tabletop, and console gaming. The show floor will also give participants a chance to try out games not slated to release until 2007.

Nintendo is not the only sponsor of PAX. The lengthy list includes game developers, hardware manufacturers, and industry media outlets. Microsoft is another big name at the event-- The Expo’s keynote “The Prehistory of Xbox” will be delivered by former MS employee Alex St. John.

PAX 2005 had around 9000 attendees. According to the PAX ’06 website, that number will increase for this year. Those in attendance have access to the event's huge exhibition hall, industry-related conferences, live music concerts, and gaming tournaments. PAX ’06 takes place August 25-27.

Source: Penny Arcade Expo

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