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May 31, 2006

Nintendo Looks to Bring in New Gamers

By Ed Oswald, BetaNews
May 30, 2006, 11:54 AM

Continuing a strategy by the game maker to expand the video gaming market, Nintendo said Tuesday that it was introducing a new brand to highlight games that are easy to play. Called Touch Generations, the label would be placed on any game that customers can play with little experience.

Nintendo made its first indications that it was not satisfied with marketing to the everyday gamer with its next generation console, the Wii. Both its price, under $250, and its features, such as the innovative controller, are aimed at attracting a broader demographic.

Supporting these initiatives will be a multimillion-dollar ad campaign that would market the company's games and consoles to the public at large, Nintendo said.

Four previously released titles plus three new games to be released in June would initially receive the branding. "Brain Age," "Tetris DS," "Swing Golf" and "Nintendogs" will be rebranded under the Touch Generations brand.

On June 5, "Brain Academy," a brain-training game, and a puzzle game called "Magnetica" will be released. On June 26, "Sudoku Gridmaster," based on the wildly popular grid game will launch. Nintendo says it expects both hardcore gamers as well as beginners to enjoy the titles.

"We remain committed to turning video games into an inclusive mass medium that everyone can enjoy," Nintendo of America's senior marketing vice president George Harrison said. "Touch Generations will help novices and newcomers identify the fun and uniquely engaging experiences that are available only on Nintendo DS."

SOURCE: www.betanews.com

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