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May 27, 2006

Age of Empires III Demo

Being a fan of the first two Age of Empires Games, I look forward to playing the third installment of the game, Age of Empires III. This real time strategy game has improved 3D graphics and now takes place in the New World environments. If you like games like Warcraft or Civilization, you love the Age of Empires series.

Check out the Demo for Age of Empires III and see for yourself.

Download it here


Go to the webpage:


Vixxxen said...

Just so you know this blog is read. I just haven't had much to add. :)

I'm another girl gamer and have to say this game does look interesting I am personally a Civilization fan. Thanks for the reviews and information.


maz said...

age of empires 3 looks amazing. i was a huge fan of the previous games. this one looks great.