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Jul 13, 2012

If I had a topper for my Cake...

When geeks fall in love..., originally uploaded by side_show.
Found this great idea for a DYI wedding cake topper on Flickr. I love how the bride to be used two figures to make the piece. TOO CUTE!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Wish I would have seen this when I got married 7 years ago.

ConfusedGamer said...

YES this is pro. I'm a dude and even I would be OK with this haha. Hey I love the concept of your blog, a girl gamer. It's funny most legitimate gaming communities have girls someone in the administration at least the ones I've seen. Keep blogging I'll def subscribe. I just started a gaming blog of my own feel free to check it out!

And message me if you see any games you like on my blog I play most of em!