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Apr 16, 2010

Another Reason Why I Have to Stop Buying from EB Games

Okay, so generally I don't like to buy from EB Games unless there is some amazing deal going on there or they are having a midnight launch with cool prizes and stuff, but today I had no choice in the matter because my usual videogame supplier, Entertainment Overload didn't have the game I wanted.

I did trade in my games there because they always have the better trade in value but I ultimately had to give in and go over to EB Games to buy my copy of Dragon Age Awakening because they didn't have any copies in stock. Hell, I even had EO call over to their second store in town to look for a copy but no such luck.

So I head over EB Games with cash in hand and a small credit on a EB Games gift card that I got back in November when I went to the midnight Modern Warfare 2 launch. When I get there, I look around for a used copy but don't see one, so I ask about it. And here's where I ultimately regretted walking through the door - the clerk gives me some line about how the game is a download from disc deal and the company won't take used copies on trade because people can download the game onto their hard drive and then trade the game back.

Here's the kicker - if you go on the EB Games website which I did before I opted to buy the game, the site shows the game for sale used in the local stores. If the company didn't take the disc in for trade, then how could they sell it used? Also the game isn't a download from disc - you must have the disc in the system at all times in order to play it. So she lied on both accounts which just made me want to walk out right there but I had the stupid credit to spend, so I just swallowed my pride and bought the game.

Best part was when the other clerk offered me a disc guaranteed. No, thank you. See I won't need to buy that guarantee if I can download the content from the disc and play without the disc. I'll just keep my disc save and sound in its case the whole time. God, I hate people sometimes.

If this is not another reason to buy from local businesses then I don't know what is.

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Suraj said...

just started playing this amazing amazing game...Sorry about my earlier post if you got it more than once having a bad day with my keyboard :(