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Oct 11, 2009

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Trailer

I got my copy of Uncharted 2 on Friday and I can't stop playing now. Honestly though, the controls are driving me nuts as they are so spastic. One false movement are you are dead. I'm playing the game on very easy right now and I'm still dying over and over again. You have to really move carefully in this game or you end up missing ladders, missing jumps and more dumb movements because the controls don't handle well.

On top of that, the game doesn't take you by the hand and tell you how to solve its many obstacles. For example, one boss like battle I must have died 20 times and after he blew me up, tossed me off the train and so many other ugly things and I finally stopped trying to figure out a strategic way to kill him and just starting hitting him with my fists. Didn't figure it would kill him cause my gun wasn't doing the trick and either was his own grenades, but I hoped it would make me feel better. Amazingly, it did cause the game allowed me to kill him with my fists via a quick time event. Apparently the guy was weak to karate moves but not bullets. Go figure.

All complaining aside about the controls though, this is an amazing game in terms of graphics, storyline and audio. I really can't stop playing this game despite the control issues and as long as I can continue through this game on very easy mode by the skin of my teeth as I have been, I will keep playing no matter how hard it is.

Playstation 3 owners really should pick up with game. I can easily say that this game will be on my Games of the Year list in January.

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Sam Pagan said...

The first Uncharted is what made me want a PS3, it looked so pretty and Nate isn't half bad looking himself. But I hadn't been able to afford one, and still can't now that I'm unemployed. I think Uncharted 2 looks really good and seems pretty funny from the preview I saw at the Spike Sneak Peeks panel at PAX. Hopefully they'll have some patches out to fix the wonky controls by the time I can get a ps3.