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Mar 9, 2009

My First Review at Gamezebo

Now this review went up at the end of February, but I've been holding off until I knew this job was secure before I started posting about it.

Recently I was offered a job reviewing casual games for a site called Gamezebo.com and so far I've only had the one review posted on the site, but I just finished my second review yesterday and it should be posted in the next couple of days.

This site has quite a few great writers already writing on it like Erin Bell who has worked for publications like the Toronto Star, the Global and Mail, Ziff Davis Pocket Games Magazine and Microsoft Home Magazine and Mark Saltzman who has several publications under his belt like CNN.com, USA Today and has even appeared as a guest host on Reviews on the Run.

I am so excited to work for Gamezebo and look forward to hopefully a long career with them. I still plan to continue work on my own blog, The Girl Gamer as well as Attack This!, plus I will continue to review console and handheld games for the Pulse Niagara.

Check out Gamezebo.com and my first review for Amelie's Cafe.

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