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Mar 5, 2009

Lost Recap: LaFleur - UPDATED

* Sawyer, Juliette, Jin and Miles are left standing at the spot where the well was above the orchid station after the flash and realize they are now even further back in time as they stare at a large Egyptian statue (4 toe statue?).

* Above Locke moves the wheel causing the island to move in time again and the group is sent back to the 70s and the well returns but is now blocked by rocks and dirt. The group realizes though that their headaches and bloody noses are now gone.

* Heading back to Faraday, the group learns that Charlotte is dead and her body disappeared with the last flash.

* While heading back to the beach, the group comes across two Others who have killed a a male Dharma member and who are also about to kill a woman. Sawyer and Juliette come to the rescue but are attacked by the Others and end up shooting them dead.

* The Dharma woman, Amy tells them about a truce with the Others that must not be broken, so she pleads with the group to bury the Others and bring her husband's dead body back to the barracks with her. They agree reluctantly.

* Sawyer tells the group that a false back story must be given to the Dharma group to protect themselves and he gives a quick story about them surviving a shipwreck. The rest he would make up later but the group should let him do all the talking to be safe.

* As the group came upon the barracks, Juliette had to stop Faraday from walking across the sonic fence and getting his brain fried. Without giving too much away, she demanded Amy turn off the Sonic fence looking device and then made Amy go first across the line. Unfortunately Amy tricks the group with ear plugs and all of them fall victim to a mild pulse from the fence which causing them to pass out.

* Sawyer comes to in one of the barrack's buildings where he is met by Horace one of the Dharma leaders. He gives Horace a false name of James LaFleur and a backstory of the group being shipwreck hunters from Tahiti who's boat crashed on the island when they were looking for the slaving ship, The Black Rock.

* Sawyer also explains their presence in the jungle by saying they were looking for their missing crew members.

* Horace believes their story but plans to put them on the submarine the next morning back to Tahiti and their crew member at later point when they find them.

* Faraday is still in shock over Charlotte and keeps mumbling that he shouldn't tell her not to come back. Surprisingly he spots the little Charlotte in the Dharma barracks as the group is waiting for Sawyer to return from his chat with Horace. Faraday does nothing.

* Juliette tells Miles and Faraday that she used to live with the Others in the barracks after they killed the Dharma people off. She tells them about how they brought her to the island on the submarine long after they took over.

* After Sawyer returns to the group, a siren goes off and Richard Albert breaks through the barrack's defenses into the main area. The people all hide while Horace goes out to speak to Richard who tells him about his two dead men.

* Sawyer goes out to speak to Richard about what happened against Horace's wishes and tells him what happened with his men. He also tells Richard about the burying of Jughead, John Locke's appearance in their camp and the fact that Sawyer is not a Dharma member. Richard believes him but still needs justice for the death of his men to make his people happy, so they send the dead body of Amy's husband with Richard to keep the truce.

* This great act impresses Horace enough to gain Sawyer and the group 2 weeks more on the island to search for their missing crew members and though Juliette states that she wanted to go on the submarine right away, Sawyer talks her into staying the 2 weeks to wait for Locke to come back.

* Obviously this stay with the Dharma Initiative goes beyond 2 weeks because throughout the episode we are shown events 3 years from this point. The group has now been hired by the Dharma Initiative, Sawyer as head of security, Jin & Miles as Security officers and Juliette as a mechanic. (Daniel is not seen during this time though we have seen him working in the orchid station in past episodes.)

* During this time, Sawyer and Miles drag a drunk and explosive happy Horace home to his now wife, Amy, who goes into labor. Juliette successfully helps Amy deliver the baby without problems and it's a boy, though we never hear a name.

* Sawyer and Juliette are now together as a couple and we find out that Sawyer has convinced himself that he no longer loves Kate because she is gone forever.

* But just as that happy thought is put into play, Sawyer is awoke with a call from Jin who has successful located Jack, Kate and Hurley on the island and Sawyer runs out to meet them in the North Valley without telling Juliette.

* From the look on Sawyer's face during the reunion, he apparently is not over Kate by any means and all I can say is poor Jack and Juliette.

Notable Episode Points:

* In this episode, we got to see what looked like the Star Station? or the Security station (star Logos on the Dharma jumpsuits) which was full of monitors for the Dharma barracks.

* Plus we were introduced to a whole bunch of new Dharma people from the security personal, Jerry and Phil to Rosie and some doctor. God, so many people to keep track of at this point. Amy and Horace, we're met them before in previous episodes. They were the couple that brought Ben and his Dad to the island.


* Richard is able to come into the barracks without a problem through the sonic fence and he even tells Horace that the fence will not keep his people out.

* Sawyer finally makes a comment about Richard's eyeliner, so does that mean that he actually wears the stuff? And if he does, could that mean that Richard is actually Egyptian and is old as the relics on the island?

* Sawyer's fake back story is taken partial from Rousseau's team and how they came to be on the island. They came from Tahiti and crashed their boat on the island.

**** New episodes of Lost aren't coming back until Wednesday March 18, 2009, so there will be no recap next week. ****

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