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Feb 25, 2009

Lost Recap: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

* Locke is alive on a small second island close to the main island and amongst the plane survivors. He apparently wandered out of the jungle with his suit on.

* Ilana advised Locke that the pilot and a woman took one of the boats they found on the beach (where the plane crashed) and took it. This could be Frank and Sun fleeing to look for the rest of the group.

* When Locke leaves the island, he ends up in Tunsina and is rescued by Charlies Widmore. Widmore tells Locke that he was the leader of the Others for 30 years and Ben tricked him into leaving the island. He thought Locke appeared because Ben did the same to him, but Locke advises him otherwise.

* Widmore offers Locke help to bring the others survivors back because the island needs John back when an apparently war begins that Locke must be there to stop.

* Matthew Abbadock shows up as Widmore's employee and Locke's new driver, Locke isn't happy.

* Locke goes to Sayid, Hurley, and Kate who all refuse to return to the island despite Locke telling them about the problems with the island and that people will die. Each believe someone or Locke has alternative motive for getting them to go back.

* Locke as goes to see Walt to ask him to go back but decides against it when he realises how much Walt has suffered. Fails to tell him about the possible death of his Father, Michael. (Locke doesn't know for sure Michael is dead.)

* While talking to Walt, he tells Locke that he had a dream that Locke was on the island surrounding by people. Locke was wearing a suit and he was in danger. (Sound familiar?)

* Locke asks Abbadock to look up his old love and finds that she died. While at the cementry, Abbadock is shot and Locke tries to escape in the car but gets in an accident.

* After the accident, Locke wakes up in the hospital with Jack at his bedside (Jack's hospital) and he tries to get Jack to come back to the island and fails. He even tells Jack that his Father, Christian says hello, but Jack doesn't believe him.

* All this rejection makes Locke realise that he must die and he sets to hang himself when Ben shows up at his hotel room. Ben talks him down with promises of helping him get the others to go back.

* Ben admits to killing Abbadock but only to protect Locke from Widmore.

* After Ben tricks Locke into giving him all the information he needs to find out how to get back to the island like going to Eloise Hawking and about Jin being alive, Ben grabs the noose and strangles Locke.

* Ben cleans up all evidence of him being in the apartment and strings Locke up like a suicide. Before he leaves, he tells Locke that he'll miss him. (I really hope Ben did this because even he knew that Locke had to die but he had to know all that Locke knew in order for him to go back with the others to the island too. Probably not though.)

* Back in the present, Locke talks to Caesar in a new Dharma station (The Hydra) and tells him that he was on the island before. Not sure about how he came back to the island, Caesar tells Locke about some of the passengers disappearing in a flash of light on the plane (Including Hurley) and Locke asks about the whereabouts of all the passengers they found after the crash.

* The passenger list was taken by the pilot and woman when they took the boat. Weird?

* Caesar takes Locke to the hurt survivors where Locke finds a sleeping and hurt Ben who he admits is the man who killed him.

[Update: In the Hydra Station, Caesar is looking at Daniel Farraday's map to the Tempest station and a page from his journal. The map has been modified to included hieroglyphs. He also finds several of Rousseau's maps and a shot gun.]

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