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Feb 19, 2009

Lost Recap: 316 - UPDATED

For a while I was trying to recap all the Lost episodes, but truthfully its really hard to keep up with each episode, writes my reviews and write normal articles on this site, so instead all just highlight the interesting stuff from each episode.

Tonight we learned:

* The name of a new Dharma station off the island: The Lamp Post - which is used to find the location of the island in different points in time.

* That Jack had to provide Locke's body with a item from his father in order for Locke to act like a proxy for them to return to the island.

* That Eloise discovered an open window for the Oceanic 6 to return to the island 36 hours from the point they came to the church. They would have to get on a flight from Los Angeles to Guam on Ajria 815.

* That despite the fact that it seemed impossible for Jack, Ben and Sun to retrieve Kate, Hurley and Sayid in time for the flight, all three appeared. Kate at Jack's apartment without Aaron and asking Jack to never ask about Aaron's whereabouts ever, Hurley on the plane willingly (No reason for Hurley knowing about the flight) and Sayid on the plane as a prisoner with a law enforcement agent.
* Though Sun wants to find Jin on the island, it does seem weird that she's so willing to jump on the plane and leave her daughter behind without second thought. Plus what's with Kate and Aaron? Did she leave him with someone like Claire's Mom? What made her suddenly change her mind about going back?

* Eloise stated that the plane ride must be a close as the original flight the Oceanic 6 took and there were some similiarities like Sayid's paralell to Kate as a prisoner escorted by a law enforcement agent or Locke acting as the replacement as the dead body in the coffin for Christian Shepard.

* We also learn that Frank Lapidus is the Captain flying the plane that the Oceanic 6 is taking back to the island.

* We discovered two new possible new players in the show: a stranger at the airport and on the plane that talks to both Jack and Hurley and the female law enforcement agent escorting Sayid on the plane. Both people got on the doomed plane and sat in first class with the Oceanic 6, so you know they're bound to show up on the island later.

* Desmond seemed pretty mad about the whole island thing and stated that he was done with the island, but Eloise told him that the island wasn't done with him.
* Ben, it seems has gone and been a bad boy again. He told Jack that he had to fulfill his promised to an old friend and then calls the next morning, asking Jack to pick up Locke's body at the butcher shop. He's badly beaten and covered in blood, which to me says that the happily ever after could be over for Desmond and Penny ... or Desmond just kicked his ass when Ben attempted to hurt Penny. Who knows with Lost?

* The flash and memory lost of the plane crash was confirmed as normal from the first plane crash, because it happened again when the Oceanic 6 crash on the island the second time. This time though we haven't seen the crashed plane yet, so we don't know who else is on the island other than ...

* Hurley, Kate and Jack are the only people right now that we know to be safely back on the island and already they have come into contact with Jin who was driving a shiny Dharma van. So now we are left wondering who is safely on the island and exactly what time is the island in?


* More Paralells on the plane - Hurley brought a Spanish comic book just like he did the first flight and a guitar just like Charlie did.

- Ben went to the bathroom like Charlie.

- Jack wore similiar clothes even down to his black tie with a white pattern.

- Sun is playing with Jin's wedding ring like Rose did with Bernard's ring.

- Ben makes a mad dash for the flight like Hurley originally did.

* Jack asks Ben how he could read and Ben replies "My Mother taught me", but Ben Mother died at child birth. How dark of Ben.

* The bar that Jack has a drink in is the same bar that Christian Shepard met Ana Lucia in.
* The photograph of the island in the Lamp Post Station is dated 23 September 1954, the same year that the United States military brought "Jughead" to the Island. It is also classified as for "U.S. Army eyes only".

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