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Jan 30, 2009

EA Announces Boom Blox Sequel

EA announced yesterday that a sequel to the game, Boom Blox will be making its way to the Nintendo Wii. Boom Blox Bash Party will include a new level creator feature that will allow players to upload their levels to the Boom Blox server for friends to play and the game's friend lists will still not use the friend code system.

Also included in the new game:

* Over 400 new stages
* Multiple settings that will affect the game physics, like outer space and under water
* Twice as many multiplayer challenges as the original game
* New types of blox, including virus blox and conveyor blox (whatever those are)
* New shapes, including wedges and cylinders
* New tools, such as a slingshot and a paintball gun
* Less focus on guns and shooting levels
* New characters that behave more like blox
* Aside from user created levels, EA will occasionally upload new levels created by the game’s staff, as well as levels from the first Boom Blox

[Via The Tanooki]

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