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Nov 25, 2008

CSI: New York: Overview Trailer

Yes, I am a huge fan of CSI: Las Vegas and New York. Not Miami though ... can't stand Horatio Kane and his stupid one liners. AND THOSE SUNGLASSES - ALWAYS TAKING OFF THE SUNGLASSES IN THE MIDDLE OF A SUPPOSED COOL LINE. GAHHHH!

Anyway, the new CSI: New York game is slated to hit store shelves end of December and I actually want to play this game. The first CSI game for the PC wasn't that bad and this new one has the actually actors from the show providing the voice-overs and its story lines are written by CSI script writers.

Not sure about the lack of moving characters in the game footage so far though. The first game had 3D characters in their scenes and I think they moved for at least they showed movement during the crimes.

Here's a trailer for the original game on the PC. Check it out if you're interested. I can't embed it on the site unfortunately.

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