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Sep 15, 2008

Faith joins System Lynk as Podcast Host

Starting next Monday night, I'll be hosting a live gaming Podcast on the Fan Off Network. The show which is called System Lynk airs at 8pm EST and I will be hosting with two more gamer fanatics, Jason Gallop and Anthony Skatz.

We'll be chatting about new release, retro favorites, gaming news, what we're playing and we'll be taking calls and answering listener feedback live on the air. We even hope to start giving away monthly and weekly prizes to our active listeners.

The first show airs Monday, September 22 at 8pm EST and I hope all my readers will check out the show. It will be my first time hosting a podcast, but not my first time participating in one. Hopefully I won't screw up, but tune in just in case I do! Just kidding.

Until the show airs though, check out the Fan Off Network website and their other live podcasts as well as the new System Lynk forums. Join in the discussion and maybe leave a few well wishes while you're there.

Hope everyone will be listening.

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