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Apr 16, 2008

Is Wii Pole Dancer Something You Would Take a Spin On?

Now this is a game I'll be scoring high points on.

Peekaboo Pole Dancing company is apparently shopping around their own brand of game entertainment for the Nintendo Wii to potential partners in the gaming industry. The company which produced Carmen Electra's home pole dancing kit, is looking to create a game for the Nintendo Wii that will allow gamers to lose weight while learning to shake their booty like a pole dancer.

The game will come complete with a pole that will setup easily in the home, much like Carmen's pole kit and the company hopes to build this game onto the Wii fit exercise based image. Peekaboo expects the game is be a huge success along with the other pole dancing exercise products out there.

Frankly I'm not sure if Nintendo's family friendly image is going to jump at such a game, but I know a lot of female gamers that wouldn't be afraid to rack some points up swinging around on the pole at house.

[Via dbtechno.com]


Johnny Wadd said...

Finally it would be a reason to own a wii.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they would get this idea off the ground... if they're going to make the game, be sure that the pole is VERY sturdy. Otherwise it is NOT SAFE to use. I have a girlfriend who has her own travel pole (a $300 one from UK, not the cheap one found at Spencers Gifts), and every time she has to set it up she has to make sure that it's 100% straight or it can rupture the ceiling or fall over while people are doing spins and tricks. Even the slightest misshape of not setting up the pole properly can be a serious injury risk.

I am currently taking a pole dancing class and would strongly recommend women taking lessons with an instructor than expecting to learn it by watching someone or using a video game. Pole dancing is all about using the right techniques to reduce the risk of injury and to help build upper body strength. Honestly, I can't see a Wii game like this being effective that will please a husband with having the Wii and TV set turned on in the bedroom while pole dancing, can you? I had zero upper body strength when I started, and taking classes helped improved my body dramatically after learning the right techniques and working with a trained professional that is there to help their clients do it correctly without injuring themselves. And if you screw up while doing tricks or spinning around on a pole (which MANY beginners will) you can get SERIOUSLY injured. It takes a lot of skill to do pole dancing, so it's not something that someone can pick up automatically and not hurt themselves. It's the same as taking a gymnastics class- learn and use the right technique or YOU WILL get hurt.

As for the concern about the Wii system being a "family friendly" console, I'm going to politely disagree. Games like Resident Evil 5, Mortal Kombat, or even Manhunt 2 are not meant for kids, so how is it any different to offer a pole dancing game? Also, pole dancing is not sexual if you're using it for fitness purposes only, as many people think it is. Pole workouts do give you an excellent workout in the privacy of your own home. In fact I think it does a better job keeping women in fit than that WiiFit game. Still, I wouldn't recommend using a game to help you learn- pole dancing classes are the best way to learn it properly, and many classes that are offered are not that expensive. Some places will even let women come in during off hours and practice on the poles too.