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Mar 16, 2008

The Lab with Leo has been Cancelled

Anyone scanning G4 TechTV.ca in the last month or listening to Leo Laporte's podcast this week would know by now that The Lab with Leo Laporte has been canceled by the morons at Rogers Media.

I honestly don't know how these companies keep canceling Leo's show, especially when he's so popular with the tech crowd. He's had at least 4 tech shows now, all which were very good and shouldn't have been canceled. Truthfully, I'm mad to see another show go.

Hopefully Leo will hang in there like always and find a new project in the industry to keep him going. I wish Leo all the best and I hope that the next employers that he works for actually understand how valuable he is.

Here's to hoping that Leo's next project is another TV project that ends up on a Canadian TV station.

1 comment:

Josh Miller said...

At least we still have the TWIT network!