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Dec 1, 2006

If You Only Buy One Album This Year...

Generally I don't tend to talk about anything other than video games on my blog, but hey when you know you have at least 500 people a day hitting your site, you tend to take advantage of their attention when you have something important to say.

A while back I discovered a talented young singer along with the rest of North America through the media known as American Idol. Now usually I hate this show and anything like it, but after deciding to watch the auditions for the show (Due to lack of cable and anything else better to watch), I couldn't help but keep watching after I realised there was some actually talent on this year's show.

One of those talented singers was a guy named Chris Daughtry. Though booted off the show as 4 last person to go, Chris was still picked up by the American Idol label and recently released his newest self-titled debut album, "Daughtry". With such great songs like Breakdown and It's Not Over, I highly suggest you go out and buy, not download, but buy this album for two reasons. One: This Album, this band rocks and is well worth the money and two: Chris is a new artist and needs the support of his fans. New artists deserve to have their albums bought.

I know what you're thinking... "Oh god, American Idol singers, but this guy is different. Fuel wanted to pick him up as a lead singer, and he declined to do his own thing. Chris is the next big thing, trust me. Listen to his stuff and see for yourself.

If you want to hear some samples from his album, hit either www.daughtryofficial.com or their my space page, www.myspace.com/daughtry.

If you like what you hear, then I suggest you check out his last band before the whole American Idol thing, Absent Element. They have several great songs, like Conviction, Breakdown (which were both merged for the Daughtry album to create Breakdown) and Keep Me Close.

Check out both bands and buy the darn CD. You'll thank me for it later.

Now we return you to your regularly scheduled video game articles.


Anonymous said...

okay I went, listened for a while to Daughtry and I liked them. I ordered through the Sony store. I liked Crashed, Used tO, There and Back Again, What I Want, apart of the ones you mentioned. A solid album.

Faith said...

The power of the blog works. Sweet, glad you ordered the album. Download some Absent Element too, cause you can't get the album unless you order it from their site.

Lizzard said...

this dude suxxxxxxxx