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Jun 1, 2006

X-Men Legends Review

With the new X-men Movie in theatres, I decided to buy the X-Men Legends game from Activison. Being a fan of the 90's cartoon series, and all of the movies, I looked forward to playing this game, but found myself to be completely disappointed by it.

This game mimics the gameplay of games like Champion of Norrath, by having an overhead view of the action and the ability to upgrade your character's attributes throughout the game, but nothing else matches up after that.

You start the game as Wolverine, as you run through the learn as you go tutorial. As you go along other characters join the group and you can switch the controls to any one of characters. The AI on the rest of your team sucks as you constantly feel like you're fighting the battles alone. Even when you change their AI to be more aggressive, they still lag behind.

The camera in this game sucks as it spins around the whole time and tends to block your view with a wall or two. They should have allowed the player to change the camera angles, instead of relying on the game to figure out where you are.

The game path can get confusing sometimes, as you run around the less than clear environments. I spend 10 minutes running around the first level trying to figure out where to go next.

The graphics look like something from the early super nintendo games, and the cinematics are less than impressive.

The character voices are nothing special, accept the fact they forked out the big bucks for Patrick Stewart to voice Professor X. Honestly I wished they hadn't because it just made me long for the rest of the cast from the X-men movies to voice the rest of the characters.

I actually played this game long enough to get the mansion part of the game, where you get to try some fighting tutorials in the danger room. The danger room levels are neat, but you are limited to play as a character named Magma. Not that much fun.

Perhaps its just because the game is alittle older, but I found this game to be unimpressive and I gave up after only a couple of hours of playing it. I may go back and finish it later, but only after I finish all my other games first.

Rating: 3 of 5

Review by Faith Naked

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b said...

That'll teach you to play a game based on a popular movie license!