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Jun 19, 2006

Pornographics: 10 Nude Moments in Gaming

By Chris Morell

Hotter than Hot Coffee? GTA may have been stealing all the recent sexual thunder, but nudie games have been around for decades. We look at 10 of the hottest and most historic nude moments in gaming, all for your viewing pleasure!

#10 Custer's Revenge - [ PS2 ]

One of the first games to experiment with nudity, Custer's Revenge is easily one of the most controversial games ever released. Put out on the Atari 2600 back in 1982, your job was to get an aroused General Custer through a slew of arrows to have sex with a horribly racist depiction of a well-endowed Native American woman. After hostile backlash from Native American groups, the game was banned in most US stores.

#9 Strip Poker - [ PC ]

The game of strip poker has certainly been around longer than computers, but Artworx Strip Poker for the Commodore 64 can be credited for bringing the naughty card game to the virtual arena. Released in 1983, it was the first of a chain of games to feature scandalously clad ladies undressing for winning poker hands. Now, strip poker is usually confined to drunken college card nights and recent episodes of The OC.

#8 Leisure Suit Larry: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards - [ PC ]

The Leisure Suit Larry series deserves credit for bringing sex to the forefront of gaming. Based on the Apple II text game Softporn Adventure, the first Leisure Suit Larry game begins with a horny Larry vowing to lose his virginity. Okay, while there isn't any actual nudity, there is an in-game sex scene where the black censor box moves up and down while the duo does the deed. How risqu?!

#7 Mystic Defender - [ Genesis ]

This side-scrolling action platformer on the Sega Genesis featured plenty of destructive magic, but also showed a tiny bit of skin. Alexandra, the daughter of the game's supreme deity, appears in the buff hovering in a bright pink bubble. The image is pixilated and hard to see, but it's surprising that Mystic Defender slipped through Sega's crack QA team.

#6 Bubble Bath Babes - [ NES ]

Kudos to Panesian for conjuring up a game that blends Tetris and nudie girls, because, let's be honest, someone was bound to do it. I guess the NES developer figured nerdy Tetris players would need a little bit of skin in their lives, so therefore came a game where stark naked girls begged for stellar puzzle skills. If only that translated to real life...

#5 Cobra Mission - [ PC ]

Cobra Mission was a PC RPG that would have been tasty fodder for Jack Thompson. Released in 1992, the detective game set you out to track down the diabolical villain and rescue women from his evil clutches. But here's the catch: the girls you rescue (garment-less, of course) are so happy to be free that they reward you with sweet, sweet sex. Sherlock Holmes, eat your heart out!

#4 The Guy Game - [ PS2 ]

The video game version of Girls Gone Wild, The Guy Game was Top Heavy Studios attempt to cash in on the teen nudity trend. Basically a trivia game with real topless videos as rewards, the game was banned for featuring a topless, fake-breasted seventeen-year old girl. The victim illegally signed a consent form and accepted money to be in the game, and later sued the studio and requested all copies be removed from store shelves. Perhaps agreeing to be in the game was her first mistake.

#3 The Sims 2 & Singles: Flirt Up Your Life - [ PC ]

The Sims 2 and Singles get grouped together because of their striking simulated similarities. Where the nakedness in The Sims 2 can only be uncovered through a PC patch, Singles goes the extra mile by making what is essentially a Sims game based solely on sex. In The Sims 2, the mischievous nude patch removes the in-game blur during nude scenes, though EA said that under the blur, the characters look like Ken and Barbie dolls. We're not sure which is hotter.

#2 Playboy: The Mansion - [ PS2 ]

In a game where you play as Hef himself, it's safe to say you can expect to see a few blouse bunnies here and there. Any with Playboy: The Mansion, that's exactly what you get. Oh, and you're supposed to build the entire Playboy empire from scratch, or whatever. But, c'mon, we all know it's about the sweater puppies...nature's little thermometers.

#1 God of War - [ PS2 ]

Everyone's favorite action-adventure game of 2005 is coated with plenty of gratuitous bloodshed, but also showcases some serious jubblies. Early on in the game, two topless women are shown in the bed of main character Kratos. And later, the Oracle of Athens is caught in a see-through top. Interestingly enough, the Japanese version of the game was censored, providing the aforementioned women with sexy, yet not-so-revealing, tops.

SOURCE: www.games.net

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Anonymous said...

We're waiting for a truly 'adult' game to be released, something that is a cross between GTA and The Mansion but without all of the bloodshed in the former and with better graphics in the latter. It is amazing that the critiques of nudity will complain about a teenager seeing a nipple, but yet a smoking hole in a corpse is just fine. Where have our priorities gone? Make love not war!