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Apr 12, 2016

8-Bit Art: Gravity Falls Custom Fused Bead Art Sets

I have absolutely been obsessed since I discovered Gravity Falls a several months ago and was really upset when they ended the show. That series finale brought me to tears... but I find the best way to handle a tragedy is through art!

So I created 12 custom fan art versions of the characters from Gravity Falls. The first 6 main characters, Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Stan, Soos and Waddles were modified from the work of The Oluk on instagram. I changed the eyes, the noses, some colours, hair styles, and some other minor things.

The other 6 characters, Stanford Pines, Robbie, Bill Cipher, Gideon, Pacificia, and Old Man McGucket are completely my own fan art designs.

I also created a 12 pack of Gravity falls cupcake toppers featuring all the symbols from the Cypher Wheel, a tiny Bill Cipher and Journal #3.

You can purchase these pieces in sets of 6 or in indivdual pieces or in 2 packs. Check out my store for all the different purchase options. Pixelized Creations on Etsy

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